Welcome to BBNY University! 🏫

BBNY University does more than just complete your college experience ... THIS University comes with a built in sisterhood for life! 👯‍♀️

What you get when you become a BBNY-U student:

🏫 Day 1 homegirls that actually last! We don't do sneaky links ... well at least not on here 🤭

🫂 A guaranteed SAFE SPACE (cause we don't play that) where you'll see students in your major who actually look like you! Yes, they exist.

👯‍♀️ Girls nights where you can kiki with your BBNY Besties, have a study sesh, or both!

🤝 Networking opportunities so you can SECURE THE BAG (or 2) -- we get degrees and job offers over here sis!

🛍 A 10% off student discount on the entire Student Store with FREE beauty samples in every order!

You will receive your BBNY University Acceptance Letter via email, so keep any eye out!